Uncover your competitors’ email marketing strategies

Sendfeed lets you track and analyze your competitors’ newsletter and transactional emails. We analyze all emails that a website sends to its customers. In the process, we take screenshots of the emails and provide you with lots of great insights about your competitors' email tactics.

Stop using your personal email address to subscribe to marketing emails

You'll only delete them or bloat your inbox. Instead of signing up for other companies' emails with your personal address, use your Sendfeed email address instead. We collect all emails in one place so you can use our powerful analytics to dissect your competition’s strategy. All emails are stored forever and available to your entire team.

Get inspired & make better campaigns

With Sendfeed, you can quickly see which campaigns your competitors sent out last year for Easter or Helloween. See how good their spam rating is and which ESP (Email Service Provider) they use. And if you like an email, edit the original source code with syntax highlighting or download the template.

See what days and times your competitors send the most emails, so you can better plan when to send your next campaign (for example, you could just send your emails a little earlier, but we'll leave that up to you).

Get ideas from brands you follow or directly from your competitors. It's great for agencies, retailers and marketers who want to get a competitive edge or be inspired to make better emails.

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